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Our mission is to provide fast, simple software at very competitive prices in less than half the time large consultancies typically take. We manage to do this by using rapid development tools, extensive knowledge, and well thought out design. There are no middle men, sales reps, or project managers. You talk to a developer who does the work.

We provide software to individual clients who need only a simple tool as well as large multi-nationals that no longer can generate accurate reports about their enterprises because their legacy software has grown into complex interconnected systems that are costly to maintain and will not scale.

The importance of good design

Two industry-accepted truths can be expensive to learn:
  1. It is cheaper to reduce the effort of MAINTENANCE than it is to reduce the effort of IMPLEMENTATION.
  2. The effort of maintenance is exponentially proportional to the complexity of the system.
Complexity is measured in these terms:
  • Overall level of inter-dependency
  • Level of interactions among the various elements
  • Degree of coupling among components
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