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About The Company

Coast Research & Development LLC is a small, independent research and development consultancy specializing in systems design and engineering. With over 30 years of development and industry experience including b business intelligence, light vehicle, Sensor and controllers, software architechture and vehicle prototyping.

We have developed solutions for many different indistires including touch screen technology, small device, mechanical components, hardware control;  communication, workflow, and data management systems. We have developed server side and thick client applications, system tools, and web products for hardware related data in oil and Ga, Medical and Automotive fields.

Mike Baily, President, has a masters degree in aeronautical engineering from London University and has spoken at numerous codecamps in Silicon Valley and abroad on systems design, messaging, mechanical and software systems integration and design. He is an experienced engineer with decades of experience and a fondness for the Agile principals of shot cycles, fast turnaround and the importance of customer feedback.


We can’t say enough about the responsiveness, technical expertise, and execution we experienced in our relationship with Mike and Coast Development.  We had an extremely tight timeline.  Coast was able to meet our timeline with a high performance solution at an affordable price.  Mike offers that rare combination of strong technical talent along with excellent communication skills that help eliminate surprises that often occur in these types of engagements.

Prior to finding Coast Development, we had numerous conversations with several organizations who claimed to understand our requirements.  After months of trying to evaluate the those organizations, we concluded that we had not yet talked with anyone who could discuss the detailed issues of what we had and what options were available to address our needs.

Our initial phone conversation with Mike was extremely productive and led to several additional conversations and code sharing to further narrow the scope of our requirement and Mike’s effort.

Within 45 days of our initial conversation, Coast delivered the solution as promised within budget.  Coast is very flexible in terms of being able to do as much or as little of our project as we needed.  While we opted to have our employee implement the Coast deliverable, we could have used them if we chose.

 Michael O, President St. Louis

"We approached Coast R&D about implementing a patent pending technology we had conceptualized as the signature interface for our suite of products. We had approached at least five well regarded, high-end developers that could not implement this. Mike worked well with our team to integrate the technology with our extensive legacy development and suggested ways to improve our data acquisition, transmission, and storage."

"I would not hesitate to recommend Coast R&D for any programming job, from simple to extremely complex. Our solution is rock solid, bullet proof, fast, and was extremely difficult to visualize and create."

"Coast Research and Development was introduced to us to make a difficult transition  to a scalable solution Our business is wrapped around this legacy product, developed over 20 years by a single individual. Concurrently, Mike developed a solution involving the legacy data without requiring any changes to the deployed software. He was able to tie together diverse components using his skills and provide a solutions that is fast and scalable."

Finding someone with the skills in legacy and current coding styles and multiple languages has been a challenge, but Mike has provided very cost effective solutions without any business disruption."

"Coast Research and Development has performed a system coding task that we were unable to complete successfully in six months. As a C++ programmer and part of a fund management team, it fell to me to convert our system to a commercial product. We needed full compatibility, including sytem data reporting. The results had to match exactly for auditing. Mike achieved this in just three weeks. He also threw in a user interface so we could see the data"


"Mike developed an indicator for us in a few days that works better than some other solutios we paid over six times as much for. We then asked for additional functionality that he provided very quickly due to the well thought-out and well commented architecture of his solution. Mike also suggested ideas that helped with the overall system."

"We've been working with Coast Research and Development for a while now. We have never been disappointed. The work is very high quality. I would recommend them with no doubt to anyone who needs professional help!"


"I have worked with developers professionally for many years, and Mike from Coast Research is one of the best I've worked with by a wide margin. He is on-time, professional, friendly, but best of all straight to the point. He can anticipate needs and provide solutions that match the environment and the overall project direction."


Without doubt Mike is one of the most professional, talented consultants I have ever worked with, managing to turn complex ideas into well articulated solutions in days and always with an eye to future development. I'd definitely recommend him to anyone looking for a fast, agile solution to complex problems."


"After several months of discussion, confidentiality, and security precautions, Mike was retained to develop our proprietary system for automation and further optimization. Although successfully deployed for 10 years, we wanted to test the validity of changes and new ideas, utilizing the speed and power of modern hardware. Over the years we approached several programmers but were told that the system could not be programmed. After a discussion with Mike, he offered to try one of his proprietary functions to solve the main problem in this task. Within a week he had results that clearly indicated he could completely code our system. Over the last three months he has completed the remaining work on schedule. We would highly recommend him for his professionalism and design skills."

"When outsourcing, two important criteria are quality and reliability. Mike has both. He is flexible when it's most needed and always one step ahead. His technical skill is matched by his can-do approach. He always has a suggestion for balancing competing issues of importance in design and implementation."