FastCGI API Library
  - Updated October 2009. See Version Info.
(32bit Windows only)

Freeware covered under the GNU Lesser General Public License
(The Lesser GPL permits use of the library in closed source projects.)

DLL library + headers for C/C++, Delphi, VB & other BASICs  Download (49k) 

C++ examples project (Visual Studio 2008) Download (865k)

DLL library STDCALL convention for VB Download (48k) 

C/C++ and BASIC code examples (Including compiled binaries) Download (64k)

Microsoft IIS UPDATE - FastCGI with SIGTERM  (released April 2009)

Microsoft FastCGI v1.5 (32bit Windows) - FCGISETUP.MSI    (551k)

Microsoft FastCGI v1.5 (64bit Windows) - FCGISETUP64.MSI (612k)

SMTPS - updated November 2009

C++/BASIC headers, source code for Gmail client Download (79k)

C++ project for Visual Studio 2008, including CL32.LIB Download (3.23Mb) 

SSL/TLS - updated January 2010 

cryptlib - CL32.DLL (32bit Windows inc IIS) v3.33 Download (990k)

cryptlib - C++/Basic headers + source code examples Download (80k)

SSPI Schannel - SSPITLS.DLL (32bit Windows) v1.00 Download (20k)

ZMQupdated July 2010

C/C++/BASIC headers, example source code, LIBZMQ.DLL (32bit Windows) v2.1.7 - Download (2.66 Mb)
(Note: ZeroMQ source code is available from the ZeroMQ Web site.)

Basic examples in powerbasic

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